Amazing Winter Concert

The Edward Town Middle School Winter Concert, held last night at the Niagara Wheatfield High School Auditorium, amazed the parents, friends & relatives sitting in the audience. The ETMS Jazz Choir, Bands, Concert Choirs & Jazz Band all performed with great spirit and musical mastery.

The first half of the concert began with two invigorating jazz pieces performed by the ETMS Jazz Choir. Next the sixth grade band deftly displayed the ensemble skills they acquired in the short span of 4 months. The band was followed by their fellow six graders in the Concert Choir who similarly pleased the crowd with their vocal renderings.



After a brief intermission, the music began in earnest as Director Chris Peracciny’s Jazz Band rocked the crowd. Then the mood became more solemn as the seventh and eight grade concert chorus under the direction of Kenneth Fick presented a beautiful holiday sampling ending in the “Carol of the Bells.”  Director John Scime’s seventh and eight grade band concluded the evening with a whimsical set of festive music.

Thanks to the directors, students and all who made last night such a special evening.


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Ringing in the Season

Edward Town Middle School HSA has donated and decorated a HolidayTree to Niagara Wheatfield High School’s annual fund raiser for “Adopt A Family.” Our tree features household items wrapped in red cellophane that will be useful long after the holidays are over. Come see our tree and all of the other creative entries before they are auctioned.

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Teacher Wall of Horrors Winners












The ETMS Parent Group sponsored a Teacher Wall of Horrors Contest. We applied monster filters to the teacher’s photos and challenged the students to identify as many of the ghouls as they dared!

The contest was held at the 10/26/18 Halloween Dance. Although no contestant correctly identified all of the photos, our five winners managed to accurately guess on 10-12 of the pictures.

The grand prize of 5 pounds of Dum Dum lollipops was awarded to 7th Grader Easton Larrabee. The runner up prizes went to Simon Polek (7th Grade), Anthony Strangio (7th Grade), Jordan Meyers (7th Grade)  and Jada Drey (7th Grade). Congratulations winners and to all who played!

We also thank the 16 good natured teachers/staff who participated: Mrs. Platt, Mr. Scime, Ms Culligan, Ms Simmington, Coach P, Mr. Fick, Ms. Kroening, Mr. Myers, Mrs. Waggoner, Mrs. J. Miller, Mr. Steinel, Ms. Bubar, Ms. Crogam, Ms. Yeates, Ms. Murphy and Mrs. Braham.

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Box Top Contest

The November Box Top submission date is upon us and we are excited to announce our Box Tops contest! This years contest will run from October 1st to October 26th and you can win some great Spirit Wear prizes for submitting the most Box Tops! All you have to do is bring your NON EXPIRED Tops in a baggie or envelope with YOUR NAME CLEARLY MARKED ON THE ENVELOPE OR BAGGIE and drop it off in homeroom or the collection box in the main office.



There are 3 individual prizes to be won:

Box Tops can be found on many products including:

​- General Mills Cereal
​- Hefty products

​- Avery office supplies
​- Hanes products

​- Ziploc products
​- Scott paper products
​- Yoplait, Pillsbury, Betty Crocker, Progresso and Old El-Paso products too!
For a complete list of products visit

Every Box Top is worth 10 cents for our school!

Please feel free to contact Lori Metro a 716-417-0423 with any questions and thanks for helping!


Fall Spirit Wear Sale

The Edward Town Middle School PTA is holding the Annual Fall Niagara Wheatfield Spirit Wear Sale from Oct 1st to Oct 19th. We are offering some new cold weather items including fleece pants and a sock cap. All orders must be in by Oct 19th without exceptions. Prices and order form can be found here: 2018 Fall Sp Wear Order Form

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National Stop Bullying Day

My Child Is a Bully: What Should I Do?


HSA Addresses Student Assembly

Three ETMS Student Assemblies were staged on September 5th thru Sept 7th at the high school auditorium.  A separate assembly was held for each grade during the noon period on each consecutive day. The assemblies addressed new school year concerns with keynote speeches by ETMS  Principal Jordan Schmidt, Niagara Wheatfield Senior High Athletic Director Matthew McKenna, ETMS Vice Principal Jody Hammond and ETMS HSA President Jessica Dray.

Mrs Dray discussed the upcoming the role of the parent group in school life  and the importance of fundraising. This year’s fundraisers include four  seasonal dances, the upcoming cookie dough fundraiser and two book fairs. The students were particularly interested in the Limo Lunch prize offered for selling 20 cookie dough items.


Teachers Preparing for First Day

The ETMS Teachers were hard at work yesterday getting ready for the first day of school this coming Tuesday.


The day was punctuated with official meetings, impromptu solutions, unpacking, decorating and copying study sheets.


To fortify our busy educators, the ETMS Parent Group (HSA) sponsored a drop in breakfast. The spread included hard boiled eggs, yogurt, granola, fruit, coffee, tea and fruit diffused water.


Student schedules were posted on the Parent and Student Portals by late afternoon so that the students could review their itinerary before classes begin on September 4th. To access your child’s schedule go to the Parent Portal at

WEB (Where Everyone Belongs) Orientation

WEB (Where Everyone Belongs), the exciting new program designed to orient and welcome the incoming 6th Graders in a FUN way, was in full swing yesterday at ETMS.

The new students were picked up by the buses and dropped off at the school entrance exactly as they will be when school begins next week. Dedicated teachers and staff waiting in the atrium then assisted the students in finding their new home rooms. After organizing their school supplies and learning how to work the locker combinations, the students spent the rest of the morning having fun! A rocking assembly, ice breaker games and group tours of the school curtesy of the 8th Grade Mentors were among the highlights of the day.

By lunch time, the children had worked up quite an appetite and were treated to pizza, breadsticks and cake curtesy of the ETMS Parent Group. Tired parent group servers were covered in pepperoni & icing by lunch end. But it was well worth the effort! Thanks to all who helped make the WEB program such a rousing success!


Save the Dates for Fall

The ETMS Parent Group has lots of fun events planned for the 2018-19 School Year starting right off the bat in September. Be sure to mark the following on your calendar:

Sept 10th-28th: Cookie Dough and Magazine Fund Raiser.

Sept 14th: Back to School Dance 6pm-8pm. Chaperones needed.

Oct 2nd to Oct 4th: Fall Book Fair. Help needed for setup on 10/01/18 and to man the booths on the days of the fair.

Oct 26th: Halloween Dance 6pm-8pm. Chaperones needed.

Nov 15th: Cookie Dough Pickup. 2:30pm-7:30pm. Help needed for setting up the orders beginning 12:00 pm.